Construction Industry's First Artificial Intelligence Enabled Equipment Performance Prediction and Optimization Solution

“The global engineering and construction sector holds the dual distinctions of being one of the world’s largest industries—yet one of its least efficient.”


“construction is among the least digitized sectors in the world” 

United States: second to last position

Europe: last position on the index

Productivity Growth

1% each year over the past 20 years for the construction industry* 


2.8% for the global economy as a whole

Delays and Overruns

“98% of projects incur cost overruns or delays”

Average cost increase: 80%

Average delay: 20 months

Earthworks Operations Planning and Optimization

Equipment Performance Prediction Model

Asset Predictive Maintenance Model

About Us

Previse AI Ltd. is a team of experienced computer scientists and  construction engineers building machine learning solutions to help optimize construction operations with focus on construction equipment operational performance and asset predictive maintenance.

Previse AI Ltd. is headquartered in Toronto at 100 King Street West, Suite 5600, Toronto, ON, M5X 1C9.

You can reach us at: or 437-937-6490

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